Thursday, August 03, 2006

Crystal Palace Concert Platform

The balance - gravitas v levitas

Stage upon the lake

View from SW

I stumbled upon this really interesting concert platform today on the web, it’s located in the park that was laid out by Joseph Paxton in 1864 to accommodate the Crystal Palace (Sydenham Hill, London SE20, UK), originally created for the Great Exhibition of 1851. It was designed by Ian Ritchie Architects (1996), who have a great range of environmentally beautiful projects.
The platform and stage are positioned within a small lake overlooking a large bowl in the landscape that is capable of holding 8000 people. Concerts take place throughout the summer and the platform has the world's first computer controlled - outdoor active acoustic system. The platform contains a total of 46 speakers; 2 columns either side of the platform contain more speakers plus the amplification system.



Blogger phil said...

we recently visited the park and came across the platform- its stunning! Are there any concerts there?

12:34 PM  

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