Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Straight (and not) out of the comics!

Kate Kane is Batwoman (52 - Week 11)

Kate meets Renee & Charlie (52 - Week 7)

Renee Montoya is outed (Gotham Central: Half a Life)

Renee and Two Face (Gotham Central: Half a Life)

All images © DC Comics
Renee Montoya is a former police detective in the Gotham City Police Department assigned to the Major Crimes Unit (MCU). She’s often had a central role in the Gotham Central comic book series, which focuses mostly on the members of the MCU.

In Half a Life, when Gotham City was destroyed by an earthquake, Renee formed a friendship with the criminal Two-Face. She was able to reach the kinder 'Harvey Dent' persona, and he fell in love with her. However, Two-Face was still mentally unstable. Believing that the only way to have her was by taking everything else away from her, his more sinister side later outed her as a lesbian to the public and had her framed for murder. He then had the bus carrying her to prison attacked and kidnapped her, making it look like she had escaped. When Renee discovered that it was Two-Face who was behind everything, and that he did it because he was in love with her, she was incredulous:

HD: "You're the only person who never treated me with pity. You've been kind to me. You visited me at Arkham. It's obvious how I feel about you, Renee. And I thought that, perhaps, you felt the same. That you loved me, too."
RM: "Harvey, you outed me! I'm gay! I'm a dyke, a lesbian, I like girls! Didn't you look at the picture before you started sending it around?"

In 52 (the real-time weekly limited series chronicling a year in which Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman have all mysteriously vanished from Gotham City) - Week 7, Renee meets Kate Kane, her former lover (as we gladly find out) and part of one of the wealthiest families in Gotham City, in the park. So, after weeks of teasing and taunting appearances, Batwoman is finally out. Kane has her first full appearance as the costumed Batwoman in 52, Week 11, where she won’t be fighting Intergang, a major crime organization, alone, but she’ll have Montoya’s help.

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