Monday, January 22, 2007

The natural wonders of Attica

Trail map of Mt. Parnitha (source: Oreivatein)
Stalagmitic & stalactitic decor of the cave (photo: P. Matsouka)

This Saturday I went on an amazing hike with two friends at the southwest foot of Mt. Parnitha. We took the not-so beaten path (not the green one marked on map) and started off on the west side of the Kleiston Monastery, passed through forested areas, clearings, traversed west around Omali peak, made a small beautiful climb down the left side of Goura gorge and hit Giannoula's stream with it's gorgeous silver colored pools to climb up again and reach Panos Cave. This beautiful "alive" cave (770 m), was the site of worship of Pan, the ancient goat-legged god who protected mountains, forests, caves and the flocks. It amazes me every time how gorgeous Attica is, all these places just a few minutes away from the city center.
Useful mountaineering link: Oreivatein

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Anonymous Mia said...

now,I know where U were Saturday ; ) ....Looks amazing....need to explore more of Greece,me thinks!!!......x

5:21 PM  

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