Monday, January 15, 2007

Halcyon days aka Global Warming?

The Kingfisher
It's 15 degrees here today and the sun is shining bright, and I am wondering whether this is normal or not?
Halcyon days have long been regarded as a rise in the temperature occuring towards the end of January in Greece. Universally, they are the two weeks around the Winter solstice.
However, the name was coined in ancient Greece and the association of the kingfisher with halcyon derives from a Greek myth about Alcyone, the god Aeolus' daughter. Alcyone married Ceyx, King of Thessaly, Ceyx died in stormy seas, and grief-stricken Alcyone threw herself into the ocean. But before hitting the water, she transforms into a bird, enfolding Ceyx's lifeless body with her wings. Feeling her deep grief, the gods changed the couple into kingfishers. Alcyone carries her love to his burial, builds a nest and launches it out to sea. There, she lays her eggs and hatches her chicks, brooding over her sea-borne nest for seven placid days before the Winter Solstice and seven calm days after. While she broods, Aeolus himself reins in the wind and sea, protecting his daughter and his grandchildren.
We were doing just fine all the while only the gods were able to manipulate the climate...

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Blogger Andreas Angelidakis said...

cute birdie :)

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Climate change.
There has been a lot of discussion about the role of the press to that issue. Most of the comments are related with the role of journalist that are writing and underestimating climate change scientific reports. In a way this is a proven and quiet well documented fact now (see various quotations plus the new documentary "an inconvenient truth").

Lately, i am expereiencing a different situation. Some TV and newspaper people (at least in Greece) probably understood that news related to climate change are getting more and more popular (actually the are thinking: "money"). So i see everyday in the news things like: "very high temperatures in New York city" or to other parts of the world, together with some completely ignorant journalists trying to force me not to change the channel with the use of the known catastrophology they use in every other issue they report. In addition, they dont know exactly what they are talking about.

I am 100% positive to the fact that people should be aware of the changes coming and and also think about their contribution to climate change but sometimes we have to be careful of what it is given to us.

P.S. There were serious disasters in Turkey a 2-3 weeks ago due to cold and snowfall but instead i watched people jogging with t-shirts in central park.

How the information world alters my reality ?


11:04 AM  

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