Monday, May 15, 2006

Before all hope is lost...

I just read the draft article the Financial Times plans to publish as a Special Report for Greece on June 20, 2006 .
The report covers the national situation and progress in sectors such as the economy, banking, shipping, regional development, immigration, energy, tourism, culture and the environment.
With regard to the environment, it states: "Greece faces European court proceedings for failing to comply with EU environmental directives in an unprecedented number of instances. The lengthening case list ranges from permitting the operation of illegal waste disposal sites to failing to provide adequate protection for marine turtles or rare species of reptiles. Left uncorrected, Greece’s poor environmental record may have a negative impact on the tourist industry. ".
If I may add, left uncorrected it will have and already does have, a very negative impact on our quality of life and of the future generations. I just hope that this report will catch Mr Karamanlis' eye (I suppose he reads the FT) so that he can eventually realize that apart from being ridiculed on a number of occasions on the international news sphere, the government has to act NOW (or yesterday) and solve the imperative issues such as waste management.



Blogger pny said...

“… negative impact on the tourist industry”…? Let’s not forget the basic idea of our tourist industry: get more money, for less quality of services, on even less period of time. Who cares dear Daf for the waste disposal sites (it’s a kind of alternative tourism swimming in shit…), the reptiles (really, do they fly?) and the turtles (scary and ugly, I say!)… Our tourist industry is based on the fact that we build sites where tourists can get drunk to the point of coma, where we can eat a Greek “salata” or “mousaka” and pay it like it was decorated with gold-dust.… And of course, we and our foreign tourists keep coming back, so we all deserve each other!
Yes, I know I’m bitching all the time and that I have a kind of obsession with a few (or more) things and I know that there are still little paradises (I won’t reveal mine!), or that things seem to get a bit better. But as long as we believe that the beach, or the mountain, or the river is our own backyard that we inherited by our great ancestors and we can do anything we want (like leaving behind all the waste we can produce), then we will keep having the tourist industry that we deserve.
I strongly believe that we should not just expect the governments to change their route. Governments are voted to get the job done. This “job” is – up to a point – based on the citizens’ beliefs and practices. Although someone could argue for hours about who has the strongest responsibility: the state towards the citizen or the citizen towards the state, I say that since I alone cannot change the route of the state, I can at least consider my own and personal responsibility towards the rest of you. And I should remember this responsibility of mine when I’m over the poll, ready to throw my vote to someone in it.

3:00 PM  
Blogger lalaki said...

are you sure karamanlis knows how to read?

3:53 PM  
Blogger pny said...

I bet he can... the question is: does he want to?

6:30 PM  

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