Thursday, August 23, 2007

Island hopping

This summer's itinerary came to an end...
Part 1 - NE Aegean - Free camping on Ag. Efstratios...
...on the wonderful beach of Ag. Demetrios which we didnt leave for 10 days!
Early morning on Limnos' castle with some friends that escaped from Parnitha's fire.
What could I possibly have taken???
Silence of the lambs in Limnos...
...more weird stuff.
Road signs on Lesvos' NE coast.
The wonderful old baths at Thermes - Lesvos...
...replaced by the new ugly ones.
A 20 million year old Sequoia dude in the Fossilized Forest of Lesvos.
The coast of Turkey covered by a diet-cloud.
Part 2 - The Cyclades - gorgeous waters of Polyaigos.
A cute yard in Kimolos.

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Blogger Andreas Angelidakis said...

looks lovely everywhere :)

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