Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Synch Part II

Spatial Sounds

Mouse on Mars
The Chap
Boogying @ Afrika's set
Afrika Bambaataa
Synch's football squad

Dutch Colony: Edwin van der Heide's LSP1 show
Later today I'm gonna post the video from Marnix de Nijs & Edwin van der Heide's engine-powered installation: a speaker mounted on a rotating arm, scanning the surrounding space for visitors via a high-speed distance-measuring sensor, creating a spatial depiction of the space, continuously changing, rather similar to traditional radar. Spatial Sounds (100dB at 100km/h) detected visitors immediately. The installation reacts in both a musical and a gestural way. When the speaker is pointing at someone, it will generate a specific sound. Different locations in the space represent different sounds, as does the distance of the visitors to the rotating arm.The rotating arm itself can move up to a speed of 100km/h, making it difficult for the viewer to come too close.
Very interesting stuff.

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